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Thailand Camp 2015 Lap Sao Drills and types of Bong Sao

In this clip I show the pro and cons of the common Lap Sao Drill.

Then I show the way you can train it to improve your speed, timing and power without pressure into your shoulder joint.

Also I talk about Small Sim which is to evade with the body.

Lastly I cover the basics for the main 3 bongs Sao’s.





20 February, 2015

2 responses on "Thailand Camp 2015 Lap Sao Drills and types of Bong Sao"

  1. 3:57 Minutes: Learn to Take pressure”Y Axis”+Release pressure “X Axis”=Create pressure”Z Axis”
    i think Alan said it will make your body strong, which it will, lol.

    It will create Metal in my opinion and might be connected to Iron shirt… Once again, im a student with an opinion. If the Earths core is mostly Metal then why not humans also. Maybe our bodies are just not formed properly and thats why you cant see it. Metal needs technology to be created. i believe the Kinetic chain (7 bows) is like Accelerated growth.

    Is the Sim the result of Acceleration? i think it is. The Sim spirals out creating the “Z” Axis, as it passes by the pressures that created itself: The horizontal “X” Axis as it passes by the vertical Velocity of the “Y” Axis….

    The magic is in between, as “Z” bonds and interrogates luminous particles of Light with Water into Solid physical manifestations…

  2. Maybe it works better if Y gives pressure , X takes pressure and Z Releases/Creates pressure?

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