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Yearly International Training Camps


Each year I host training camps all around the world. I have taught Camps in the UK, New Zealand, America, Thailand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Coming soon Italy!

International Training Camps also have guest instructors and lots of great skills to learn.

International Training Camps are mostly over 7 days and 4- 5 hours training each day and then we go for food and sightseeing or do your own thing.  Then dinner and hanging out as you wish. Shorter Camps are 2 -4 days.

Training Camps are open to all levels, and everyone will be able to learn and train at the pace they want.  Private lessons from the instructors will also be available.

Book via pay pal 

Chinese martial Arts-Grappling Arts-Internal Arts-Conditioning

Train one train them all


Alan Orr CSL Wing Chun, Black Belt BJJ, Wrestling, Integrated Eskrima, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Conditioning plus MMA

Peter Irving   Black Belt BJJ, CSL Chinese Sanda Black belt, Kickboxing/ Thai Boxing Coach, Wrestling, MMA, Conditioning, 50 Professional Bouts, European MMA and Kickboxing Champion.

Vik Hothi   Wing Chun, Black Belt Sambo, BJJ Black Belt, Wresting, Shui Jiao Eskrima, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Conditioning and MMA

Plus, guest instructors

Eddy Millis BJJ Black Belt, K1 Fighter. MMA and Trainer, Head of the famous Shark Tank USA

Aaron Baum CSL Wing Chun, Chinese Boxing, BJJ, MMA

The training will be in CSL Wing Chun Kung Fu, Yang Tai Ji, Qi Gong BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Chinese Sanda Kickboxing and Conditioning. Alan is also available for instruction in  Eskrima as well.


Limited Private lessons will also be available from the instructors.

Email Alan at to enquire or book your place asap.



2023 September  


3 Sessions

Sat 9th          9-12     1.00-4.00

Sun 10th       9.12     Afternoon Private Lessons available

$300 Singapore Dollars

Paid via Pay Pal   

Book asap as places are limited. 

UK Seminar Tour 2023 September 

Tues 12th              Slough                       Sold Out

Wed 13th              Slough                        Sold Out

Thursday 14th     London                       Sold Out


UK AMERSHAM (North-West of London) Seminar 2023

Friday 15th

9-12               Private CSL Group

1.00-4.00     Open Seminar             55 UK Pounds

Book now Paid via Pay Pal    


4 Sessions

Sat 16th      9-12     1.00-4.00              Sold Out 

Sun 17th    9-12     1.00-4.00               Sold Out

55 UK Pounds per Session or 195 UK Pounds for Camp

Paid via Pay Pal    or Cash direct to Aaron Baum in advance as places are limited. 


NOTTINGHAM Seminar 2023

Monday 18th Private Group

NEWCASTLE Seminar 2023

Friday 22nd

CLEETHORPES Seminar 2023

Sat 23rd Private Group


2024 Jan                                                 USA Los Angeles Camp


Book Part 1 or Part 2 or Both Camps

Part 1 Chinese Martial Arts Camp 3 Days

$550 USD for 3 Days

Sat 13th        Robert Chu and Alan Orr

Sun 14th       Robert Chu and Alan Orr

Mon 15th      Robert Chu and Alan Orr


Total Deposit due now $250 USD asap to   

balance paid at the camp. 


Part 2 Kickboxing and Grappling Camp 4 Days

$550 USD for 4 Days

Tue    16th      Eddy Millis Shark Tank

Wed   17th      Eddy Millis Shark Tank

Thurs 18th     Eddy Millis, Alan Orr  Shark Tank

Friday 19th     Eddy Millis, Alan Orr Develpment, Progression, Review and Recovery Training

Extra instructors also coming.

Total Deposit due now $250 USD asap to   

balance paid at the camp. 

Book for both Parts and receive $150 discount off total camp fee. 



2024 August / September                Italy Trieste Camp / UK

2025 Feb                                                  Thailand Phuket 

email Alan at 

All training camps are open to everyone from all styles and branches of martial arts.


All dates Subject to changes



email Alan at 

All training camps are open to everyone from all styles and branches of martial arts.





New Zealand 

At the camp we cover many areas of the martial arts. The camp is Wing Chun focused training, but our coaches have vast backgrounds in the arts.

Alan Orr is a renowned Wing Chun master and also holds black belts in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Eskrmia with 35 years experience in the Chinses Martial Arts, including Tai Chi. He also coaches fighters for MMA, Boxing and K1 and produced many Champions over hundreds of fights. Alan is highly skilled in all the Internal aspects of Wing Chun as he is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.


Peter Irving is often a guess teacher at my camps. I have coached Peter for many of his professional fights and together have developed a great bond. Peter is a Champion MMA and Kickboxing Fighter. He is also a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and highly experienced coach.

Our camps are aimed at all levels and as we have such a strong teachings faculty we can offer something for everyone. All areas are taught from Internal Training, Drills, Body Structure,  Forms, Chi Sao, Qi Gong, Sparring, Pad Work plus we can add BJJ, MMA, Conditioning, Personal development and much more.

Enjoy great training and a holiday at the same time. Meet new friends and build life changing memories.


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