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Fight Teams

Chi Sau Lei Wing Chun Kuen is a battle tested system. Our Fight Team is called the Iron Wolves and have great success in many areas of combat sports.

                      Iron Wolves

This group of individuals represents the small percentage of students that I teach who would like to compete with the skills I have passed on to them. Competing is not a required part of my school training, but some students do want to push themselves in this matter. Therefore, it is my role to make sure they have the best training and coaching available for these events.

We call our Team ‘IRON’ as I train them in body and mind until they become like Iron. We became Iron Wolves as many years ago on a vision quest I found my totem (spirit) animal was the Wolf. The qualities of the Spirit Wolf are Family, Loyalty and Strength.

These are the same qualities I look for in my team.


We are also very proud to be part of Team Leo Negao under BJJ World Champion Leo Negao and the famous Shark Tank in LA under Eddy Millis.

BJJ World Champion Leo Negao


Our Team have won many Championship Belts, Titles, Medals etc completing in all areas of combat sports – MMA, k1, Boxing, Grappling, Chi Sao, San Sao, BJJ and more.

The main goals of the TEAM are to learn, have fun and improve individually and as a TEAM.

Aire Valley Martial Arts Team

duane-profile-colour-297x300AVMA Head Coach Duane Harper is a closed door private student of Master Alan Orr of the Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Kuen system. He has competed in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing and Grappling competitions and is 2 x Elite Master British BJJ Champion.

His AVMA fight Team have had great success in MMA, k1 and grappling. See their website for more information.







Peter Irving

Itaipava BJJ/MMA


BJJ black belt Peter Ivring began training in 2001, fighting on small regional events, and made his professional MMA debut in 2003 on Cagewarriors 4.

At the beginning of 2004 Pete made the move to Brazil, studying under Master Crezio de Souza, a legendary figure in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian wrestling team member and pioneer of Vale-Tudo (anything goes) fighting. Whilst in Brazil Pete competed extensively in Gi and no-gi competition, fighting in the copa do Brasil and the Mundials.

After dedicating two years completely to studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, Pete returned to Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts in December 2005, becoming 2x Strike and Submit British MMA champion, and facing top European opposition to become 2x Strike and Submit European MMA champion and 3x Xth Legion European MMA champion, with wins over top American middleweight champion Reggie Cardiel, top Danish fighter Morten Djursaa, UFC fighter Reza Madadi, M-1 champion Daniel Weichel, Cagewarriors champion Ivan Musardo, TUF competitor Nordin Asrih, and Iceland’s Arni Isaakson

Pete made the move to the K-1 rules style of Thaiboxing in 2012, capturing the UCMMA UK-1 Welterweight belt, the XFS super middleweight title and the ICO super middleweight British title under the tutelage of Semtex gym coaches Steve Gladstone and Kieran Keddle.

Pete received his black belt in BJJ from World Champion Leo Negao and his black belt in Chinese boxing from his MMA coach and mentor Alan Orr in 2011. Peter is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt in CSL Chinese Boxing San Da under Alan Orr.

It 2017 Peter and Alan went to Thailand and Peter Won a 5 round Thai Boxing battle showcasing his skills once again.

Peter now each year comes to New Zealand to train with Alan and coach his students.  Peter is often at Alan’s training camps as a Senior coach.


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