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About Alan Orr

Alan Orr is world renowned Martial Arts teacher. He is regarded as a modern Wing Chun Master.

He has been on the cover on MAI Magazine twice and has written hundreds of articles and was the editor of MMA Uncaged Magazine for 3 years after. Alan has also been on the cover Wing Chun Illustrated and Wing Chun Origins Magazine.

He has trained with many of the leaders in their fields.

He has traveled the world to find and train with best Martial Art and Healing teachers in the world. Alan has taught martial arts, fitness and healing all over the world.


Qualified Acupuncturist, Master Practitioner of Tui Na Chinese Massage Therapy, NLP Practitioner, Martial Arts Teacher, Personal Trainer.

Health and Healing

Alan is an Acupuncturist who holds qualifications from the Bodyharmoics Centre, Renshu Collage, The Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing) and International Tung’s Acupuncture Research Association. He has trained to Master Practitioner level in Tui- Na Chinese Massage and Manipulation Therapy with Maria Mercati the leading teacher of Tui Na in the UK. Alan also holds many other qualifications in areas such as Chinese Dietary Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Guan Fa Cupping, Gua Sha Scraping, Chinese Herbology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, many Qi Gong methods and a number of styles of Tai Qi Quan.

Martial Arts

Alan holds Black belts in Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Eskrima

Teaching Status

One to One • Classes • Small Groups • Seminars • Workshops

  • Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun: 8th Degree Black Belt – Master
  • European and Australasian Head of Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Association
  • CSL Chinese Boxing:- Head Instructor
  • Chu Sau Lei Gu Lao Wing Chun: 8th Degree Black Belt – Master
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in BJJ under BJJ World Champion Leo Negao
  • Integrated Eskrima – European and Australasian Chief Instructor under Guro Mark Wiley
  • European and Australasian Chief Instructor – Integrated Knife Fighting
  • Qi Gong: Instructor
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor under Steve Cotter
  • CST Instructor under Coach Scott Sonnon

He has written 100’s of articles and conduction many interviews plus many PDF Manuals and 2 Books.


Alan Orr Sifu has been a leading light in not only Wing Chun Kuen but the wider martial arts community as a whole and for many years and has guided my path throughout its history. Knowledge and wisdom are seldom found in the same place and openness with the knowledge and wisdom is even rarer.  in this program a student is able to have access to a complete learning system and a lifetime of knowledge is just a click away. my personal favourites are the extremely comprehensive forms breakdown with each section of each form brocken down into the smallest detail, as well as the reissued chi sao and chin na series from back when i was first starting in Wing Chun Kuen. I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of passing on my teachers wisdom and knowledge around the world through seminars and workshops and am thankful to be called a student of my teacher, mentor and friend Alan Orr.

Duane Harper 



After nearly 25 years of Wing Chun training and two decades of teaching, in 2020 I signed up to Alan Orr Sifu’s online mentor program to gain insight into the Chu Sau Lei system of Wing Chun.
Up to this point I had a belief that online training either by video call or learning modules was a pure marketing gimmick and Wing Chun couldn’t possibly be learnt via these modern platforms.
I now see the true benefits of this as the content in all areas of the system are broken down into manageable chunks with theory and application, tips for practice and a continually updated content from forms/drills/dummy/chi sao/weapons to the CSL Chinese boxing levels, grappling for Wing Chun, fitness for over 40’s, iron body conditioning, Qigong, kettlebells and much much more .
I understand the online route doesn’t replace hands on interaction and maybe isn’t for everyone but I can’t recommend enough the courses available on Alan’s online site which provide such a comprehensive overview of this fascinating martial art for those with the time and passion to learn”

Paul Blissett



I have been a member of this online course for about 6 years. My experience has been wonderful. Sifu Alan Orr is a great teacher and the CSL Wing Chun system is comprehensive and detailed. We learned all aspects of Wing Chun. Traditional and modern. Internal, chi gong, as well as combat sport, grappling and sparring. All of these will make you a complete martial artist. With hundreds of courses, and a lot more to come. It gives you a lot of skills to train and develop. I would like to thank Sifu Alan Orr for the online lessons because I can learn CSL Wing Chun, even though I live in other part of the world, and be a part of CSL Wing Chun family. Plus being able to meet and train with him at on his seminar tours is always an amazing experience.

Albert Wangsawijaya


I’ve been in the martial arts for most of my life. And I’ve trained with many of the biggest names out there in JKD, Non Classical Gong Fu and some in Wing Chun. As well as some pretty big names in other arts. I’ve worked to instructor level with many of them in their respective disciplines. I just wanted to take a second to say you are hands-down, the best instructor I have ever seen. You have articulated and properly addressed so many of the fallacies, failure points and issues of other Wing Chun and JKD teachers I have had in the past. I had my reservations because of past experiences with people and their anti-scientific dogma. There is not a single segment of video that I have not learned multiple things from. Or, where you have clearly articulated something that others have either been unable or unwilling to articulate in the past. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Ben Myers

MBA, Executive Leadership Coach, Executive Dir. Pelea Callejera Global Outreach

US Navy Hospital Corpsman (Retired)

Graduate ESS Executive Protection All in One Course (Bodyguard Training)

Graduate VDI Executive Protection Driving



2 years ago, to the day I was lucky enough to meet one of the most influential men in the Wing Chun world today – Alan Orr.
Little did I know this particular trip my girlfriend had organized to the North Island in New Zealand would change the way I look at Wing Chun forever.
When we crossed hands, it was clear to see that Alan had a cool, calm and confident demeanor. When we started rolling it was easy I could feel the way he moved, and sense just how refined his skill was.
His ability to stick, attack balance and find openings using Wing Chun was a lesson I’ll never forget.
What blew my mind, even more, was that he was able to explain exactly what he was doing, using simple, scientific language that was clear and easy to understand.
This trip motivated me to go back home, fix up some holes in my game, and refine what I knew about Chi Sao. Still to this day I find Chi Sao is such an elusive skill that takes so many years to apply in live combat.
I will always be forever grateful to crossing paths with Alan and to the many lessons I’ve learnt from him. Not only is he a genuinely good guy, but he inspires everyone around him with his work ethic, his drive, and his passion.
I’m proud to call him a friend and a big brother. Thanks for being a shining light and I look forward to crossing paths with you again in the near future

Daniel King 


The learning experience with Alan cannot be described in one sentence. First of all, the teaching style were best customized for me. I would say, it was the need-based lessons delivery. He was co-operative,
flexible and generous in terms of his time. I never had to feel that I was studying, as he simplified the complicated lessons and connected to our daily living. I was impressed how the lessons were chunked that we can have it on our memory. The resource was properly designed and easy to read. Whatever the objective of the course, he would facilitate to his best to enable us to achieve.
I look forward to learning further from him!

Bijay Adhikari (On learning TCM from Alan) 


Excellent! Thank you! I appreciate all of your work so much. Your comprehensive, well-organized library of videos is incredible. Also, the depth of analysis and descriptive language you have for every aspect of Wing Chun is truly amazing. The only thing more impressive than those things is the depth and breadth of SKILL and UNDERSTANDING of Wing Chun and your ability to TEACH it from so many different perspectives. Biomechanics, Energetics, combat-sport fighting, self-defense, weapons, physical training, Chinese Medicine… You’ve got it and share it all. Much respect!

Mike Pekor 





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