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The Body Structure Primer analyzies the structures of different styles of Wing Chun and is the starting point of key factors required for learning and developing a high level of skill and knowledge

Course Curriculum

Introduction – Body Structure Blueprint Primer 00:00:00
Incorrect Pelvic Tilt 00:00:00
What is Static Structure 00:00:00
Benefits of Body Structure 00:00:00
Analyzing the Basic Wing Chun Stance 00:00:00
Stance Structures 00:00:00
Structural Positioning 00:00:00
How Why When we use Structure 00:00:00
Primer Review 00:00:00

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  1. And structure for all


    Highly recommended initial course.
    Clear and concise approach to wing chun’s structure. I love the tip about pelvic tilt and I’m going to incorporate it in my own training.
    If there is something to improve could be a transcription or subtitles for a non native english audience.

    • Thank you. I am happy you liked the course. Transcription for non native English would be nice idea but with over 23 courses and 100#s of modules and 1000’s of lessons, it would be a main job to achieve at this point

  2. Excellent course overview


    I have over 30 years of experience in Wing Chun and have more than the odd student who has used what I teach successfully on the street. Nobody in a ring though.

    My point in stating that, is that I have learnt a lot and filled in gaps that I’ve been looking to close for many years from being a member of Alan Orr’s website.

    Anybody with a real interest in reaching the pinnacle in their Wing Chun training needs to pay attention to the information covered here. Just my opinion.

  3. Deeper, dynamic structure and power


    This primer alone taught me so much on proper structure, I look forward to completing the entire module! Highly recommend these courses!

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