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The Body Structure Primer analyzies the structures of different styles of Wing Chun and is the starting point of key factors required for learning and developing a high level of skill and knowledge

Course Curriculum

Introduction – Body Structure Blueprint Primer 00:00:00
Incorrect Pelvic Tilt 00:00:00
What is Static Structure 00:00:00
Benefits of Body Structure 00:00:00
Analyzing the Basic Wing Chun Stance 00:00:00
Stance Structures 00:00:00
Structural Positioning 00:00:00
How Why When we use Structure 00:00:00
Primer Review 00:00:00

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  1. And structure for all


    Highly recommended initial course.
    Clear and concise approach to wing chun’s structure. I love the tip about pelvic tilt and I’m going to incorporate it in my own training.
    If there is something to improve could be a transcription or subtitles for a non native english audience.

    • Thank you. I am happy you liked the course. Transcription for non native English would be nice idea but with over 23 courses and 100#s of modules and 1000’s of lessons, it would be a main job to achieve at this point

  2. Excellent course overview


    I have over 30 years of experience in Wing Chun and have more than the odd student who has used what I teach successfully on the street. Nobody in a ring though.

    My point in stating that, is that I have learnt a lot and filled in gaps that I’ve been looking to close for many years from being a member of Alan Orr’s website.

    Anybody with a real interest in reaching the pinnacle in their Wing Chun training needs to pay attention to the information covered here. Just my opinion.

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