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New Bonus question Lesson on circling with the Blades

Hi Inner Members I have just added this Bonus question on circling with the Blades. It shows what we do and don’t do and why. …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr9 November, 2022

Shark Tank – Eddy Millis – Life in the Cage

Hi Members I often hear Wing Chun is untested and has no fighters etc.  It makes me laugh really. It seems to be that in …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr14 September, 2022

Live Chi Sao and Standing Arm Bar Defence Videos

Hi Inner Members Below are two clips. In the first live Chi Sao clip you will see an arm bar attack happen and it being …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr13 September, 2022

Chi Sao Pressure testing with video application breakdown

Hi Inner Members In this clip I am giving Jim from America a pressure test of his Chi Sao. What was very cool in this …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr11 September, 2022

Chi Sao to Grappling flow

Hi Inner Members In this clip Locky and I are working Chi Sao to Grappling. The grappling has more flows and control than we normally …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr10 September, 2022

Pressure testing Chi Sao

Hi Inner Members In this clip I am rolling with Damien and pressure testing him. In order to do this, I apply pressure to him …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr10 September, 2022

CSL Chi Sao to Gor Sao with some Clinch Control

Hi Guys This clip is normal class training. Locky and I are working on Chi Sao with some clinch control.  I am giving Locky difference …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr23 August, 2022

Live Chi Sao Controlled Pressure Testing

Hi Members In this clip Sean and I are showing how we pressure test skill levels with Chi Sao while still in live flow. The …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr27 July, 2022

Correct Wing Chun Range in Chi Sao and applying elbows

Hi Members   It this clip I explain the correct range to train Wing Chun in Chi Sao and also why it is trained in …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr25 July, 2022
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