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Chin Na Flow by UK Head Instructor Aaron Baum 

Hi Members This is a need demo of Chin Na Flow by UK Head Instructor Aaron Baum   Aaron – Flowing between positions in Chin …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr6 May, 2022

Aaron Baum Chi Sao with Angelika in the UK

Hi Guys This is clip of Aaron Baum teaching in the flow of Chi Sao with Angelika. Enjoy!Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr1 May, 2022

Aaron Baum Details 101 – 01 SNT

Hi Inner Members I’m very excited to introduce a new series of instructional insights from UK Head Instructor Aaron Baum. In this clip Aaron talks …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr21 April, 2022

Insights to share on the Jong from Jules in Auckland

Hi Inner Members In this clip Jules in Auckland shares his insights to his CSL development on the Jong and what he has come to …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr17 April, 2022

Sanda Training Application Clip 2 – Double Leg off a pulse Step

Hi Inner Members In this clip I talk about foot placement and method to get to the position of power for Double Leg attacks with …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr30 March, 2022

Alan and Locky Advanced Chi Sao Teaching breakdown

Hi Guys In this clip we are training Chi Sai and showing the deeper layers of hidden skills, including breakdowns of areas that are problems …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr29 March, 2022

Chi Sao Breakdowns 2022 March

Hi Inner Members I will be doing a series of lessons breaking down Chi Sao skills. From live applications, I will breakdown what happened and …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr7 March, 2022

Duane Harper Wins Sliver Medal at IBJJF European Championships in Rome

Hi Guys I am very happy and proud to see my student and friend Duane Harper winning a sliver medal at Black Belt in the …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr24 February, 2022
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