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Faith’s K1 Win!

Hi Inner Members Its been a busy few weeks building up to this fight. Faith had am injury which stopped her sparring for the last …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr7 September, 2019

Faith fighting in Kickboxing Co Main Event

Hi Guys Its that time again. Faith is Co Main Event on her next kickboxing fight. We have trained hard for this fight and have …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr30 August, 2019

Wing Chun Trinity Events

Hi Team As many of you will know I have been putting together a new Event concept. Wing Chun Trinity. The idea of Wing Chun …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr3 August, 2019

Linking and delinking skills for Centre Control

Hi Members This is a breakdown of how to control structural with Linking and Delinking skills in Wing Chun.  Plus a demo and training method …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr12 July, 2019

Wing Chun BJD. San Sik flow in Singapore

Hi Members Just a quick play with the Wing Chun BJD when I was in Singapore. I was filming BJD training drills for a new …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr6 June, 2019

Linking and delinking timing drill in Singapore 2019

Hi Members This is a lesson from my 2019 Singapore Training Camp. We filmed 40 lessons, which will go up in a new course very …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr6 June, 2019

Faith fighting in Invicta

Hi Members This weekend our fighter Faith goes to war Invicta 35! So check out UFC Fight Pass to watch the fight. We are very …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr6 June, 2019

Defence Fight Drills

Hi Inner Members These drills are progressions in counter attacking to offence control.   Catch and Spring punch Catching the Underhook   Underhook to head …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr22 May, 2019

Fight Training Drills

Hi Inner Members We have been working on some fight drills. Its important to program your response to potential situations. But as you can not …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr22 May, 2019

The Grind – 3 Rounds Fight Training

Hi Inner Members Many people talk about being fighters or what they could or would do. But the reality is fights are very tough and …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan Orr18 May, 2019
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