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This is a FREE Introduction course for the Mentor Year 1 program. This is to answer questions and give a breakdown of what you get out of the Mentor Program.


Course Currilcum

  • Mentor Free Course Introduction Unlimited
  • What is the Mentor Program Unlimited
  • What is in Mentor Year 1 Unlimited
  • Learning Online Unlimited
  • Kung Fu Training Unlimited
  • Why train in my program Unlimited
  • My Wing Chun background Unlimited
  • Is CSL Wing Chun Sport or Self Defence Focused Unlimited
  • Mental Focus Unlimited
  • 1 Start with the Body Structure Blueprint Unlimited
  • 2 About the SNT Form Course Unlimited
  • 3 About the CK Form Course Unlimited
  • 4 About the BJ Form Course Unlimited
  • 5 About the Chi Sao Blueprint Unlimited
  • 6 About the Iron Body Course Unlimited
  • 7 About the Footwork Course Unlimited
  • 8 The 3 Pdf’s in Year 1 Unlimited
  • 9 About the Chinese Boxing Course Unlimited
  • 10 About the Archive Course Unlimited
  • How to learn and train in Mentor Year 1 Unlimited

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  1. Intro to 1st Year Mentor Course


    It’s cool how the largest drawback on this course, is that the amount of content is it’s only drawback! This is by far and away the best Wing Chun Online service out there. Thanks Sifu Alan.

    1. Haha thanks James

  2. Adam Mason-Smith8 August, 2023 at 8:40 am

    Help with training plan


    A good run down of everything in the year one course plus an overview on how to structure your own training. Plus some stories from Alan’s training history which are always enjoyable to listen to

    1. Thanks brother

  3. Great advice for those first steps


    A great blueprint of how to approach your first year of Mentor training.

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