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Online Personal Training

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Alan Orr is a world renowned Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Teacher. He coaches people all over the world each year.
Alan has 30 years experience and trained people from all walks of life, from business professionals, armed forces, celebrities, CEO’s to sports teams, busy mums, students and many more.


Alan is also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine which brings a whole different level of depth to his understanding of health and fitness.


Now you can gain access to his successful coaching programs. He guarantees incredible results for every single person he works with. If you make the commitment to having Alan as your coach, you will be working with Alan personally you will not be communicating with anyone else. It is a common trend with online coaches to use a support team to communicate with their clients but Alan insists that he does everything personally, it is a service that he prides himself on.
After you register and make the commitment to getting in incredible shape you will be able to communicate with Alan to ensure that you will be maximising your results and reaching your full training potential.


He also has a unique understanding of functional training and the balance between difference training methods.
Alan prides himself on getting every single person he works with in the best shape possible using his own proven and effective methods.


Alan has produced a Personal Training Course as well as Functional Training Courses. So with these great resources and personal programs and support you will have all you need.


Online Training Program is normally $150 for 12 week program but right now you can sign up for $99

This program will be 12 week training program

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