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Internal and Combat Arts

Internal and Combat Arts

The goal is to bring the deeper internal training of the Chinese Martial Arts and live combat training and fighting together as one.

In order to do this, the focus is on developing an approach to training the body and mind in a way that one can apply themselves with full potential in any of the styles they train.

Chi Sao Competition Rules

Open to all Wing Chun Styles

Weight Categories

Men                                                    Women

Below 60 Kg

Below 65 Kg                                       Below 55 Kg

Below 70 Kg                                       Below 60 Kg

Below 75 Kg                                       Below 65 Kg

Below 80 Kg                                       Below 70 Kg

Below 85 Kg                                       Open Weight

Below 90 Kg

Below 100 Kg

Open Weight

Two 2 Minute Rounds 1-Minute Between Rounds

2 Minute overtime Round if a draw

And then

Three 2 Minute Rounds for Finals /Championships fights 1-Minute Between Rounds

The competition area will be a square space measuring Ten feet by Ten feet. (This may change slightly)

All fighters must wear a boxing style groin protector, gum shield, shin protectors, knee pads.

Levels of Competition


Controlled Full Contact


Same rules but with added chest protector


Chest protector and light hand cover and all strikes touch contact. For ages up to 16 years o age.

Unified Chi Sao Competition Rules

  • Start in Chi Sao Roll Position – Referee starts the round after 3 rolls – no striking until Referee has said ‘Fight’
  • Full Contact CONTROLLED strikes below the neck and touch contact above the neck
  • You can touch contact hit the above the neck with open hand strikes.
    i.e. palm or chop, but not to the nose.  (You cannot strike at the Triangle of the face – Eyes, Nose, mouth)
  • You can Push / Press / Pull / Grab / Hold the head, but no closed fist striking.
    to the head at all
  • You can hold the head and twist the head/neck while holding. But no fast twist of the head/neck
  • You can control head and arm(s) in the clinch
  • Fig 4 locks are allowed but no straight arm locks
  • No Kicks or Knees to the Head
  • You can strike the body full controlled contact using the fist, palm, forearm, but not the elbow tip
  • You can Punch / Palm / Chop / Knee / Kick below the neck only
  • When striking with arms ie punch or palm, you must have a bridge contact. This can be a short or long Bridge
  • If the roll is broken the fight can continue for 5 seconds before the referee restarts the from the roll position
  • You can kick from distance if roll breaks, but you can only punch with bridge contact.  You can open palm strike to bridge. 5 seconds will be counted out loud by the referee then restart from rolling
  • Fighters can clinch, but will be restarted after 5 seconds
  • A fighter may apply a submission, but this must be either standing or with only one knee down – if a submission is on the referee will  not restart until the submission is escaped or the opponent taps out
  • You can throw and trip, but you cannot shoot a takedown from distance
  • If one fighter is on the ground and the other is in a one knee down position then the referee will restart both fighters after 5 seconds. Example would be a fighter throws down and the other fighter holds them down with a knee on the body – again 5 seconds will be counted out loud by the referee.
  • If both fighters go to the ground then the referee will restart the fighters in the Roll Position
  • You can grab pressure points

Forbidden Strikes and locks

  • No Closed fist Strikes above the shoulder level
  • No Kicks or Knees to the head
  • No Kicks below the Knee or above the armpit.
  • No finger Striking
  • No Hard strikes above the shoulders (touch contact only)
  • No Strikes to the clavicle
  • No Elbows (you can use the forearms below the neck)
  • No Strikes to Joints
  • No Small joint locks (Fingers)
  • No Stamping kicks
  • No Groin Strikes
  • No strikes to the nose, eyes or mouth
  • No eye gouging or fish hooking
  • No grabbing the ears
  • No hair pulling, biting
  • No thumbing
  • No scratching and pinching
  • No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing
  • No Products on hands that can irritate or burn
  • No kicking a downed opponent
  • No grabbing clothes
  • No Spine Locks
  • No fast neck twisting
  • No straight arm locks

During the Match

The Referee can stop the action during the match when –

Heavy head contact is made to give a Warning or Disqualification

A competitor is aiming at or hits an illegal area

A competitor is using power with a lack of control

A competitor is Striking with a lack of control

A competitor is driving forward with a lack of control

One or both competitors go to the floor together

At opponent has been held on the floor for 5 seconds

Needs to stop action to prevent injury.

If the referee believes a fighter is in danger of serious injury

If the referee requires a doctor to check the fighter

If the referee feels the fighter is not fit to continue

To restart after a 5 second break in Chi Sao or either or both fighters are out of bounds.

Any other action not covered by the rules in which safety is an issue.

Judging Guidelines

Referee will Issue or Deduce Points and Judge will log them and displace the running total.

Gain Points

Control of the Ring / Holding stance Static or in movement

Control opponents balance

Clean Combination Striking or Flurry’s of Control and Striking to the head or body – Structure and technique (stance and movements) / Timing and speed /Control of power and distance

Trips, Sweeps or throws.

Point Reduction

Lack of Proactive Aggression i.e., Stalling

Contact to any illegal target area.

Attacking the opponent after the Referee has stopped the action.

Running out of the ring area or deliberately disengaging and stalling

Forward pressure with no control ie just rushing into your opponent without bridge control.

A warning from the Referee


A competitor shall be disqualified immediately upon a second Warning or if the foul was deliberate.

Competitors who are disqualified in a match shall be considered to have lost the match

Deliberate or serious violations of the rules means a fighter can be disqualified without having previously received any warnings. (Please note if a fighter tries to deliberate hurt an opponent outside the rules then they are leaving themselves open to civil action).

Disqualification over a warning will be issued by the Referee and will then need to be agreed with by the judges.

Rude behavior / Language to opponent or Referee / Judges / Staff will be a Disqualification.

Ways to Win

KO – An opponent cannot continue.

TKO – Referee stops the Fight if the opponent is not defending or trying to counter.

TKO -10 seconds will be counted out loud by the referee if a downed opponent cannot restart when asked.

Submission – An opponent Taps Out

Points – Given by the Referee or Judges

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