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This course is a combination of one to one live coaching with live sparring and fights to watch the outcome of our training.

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Course Curriculum

Round 1 Flow Spar Round Ashley and Alan 00:00:00
Round 2 Flow and Setting up Strikes 00:00:00
Round 3 Speed Pressure Control Round 00:00:00
Round 4 Power Punching Timing of Defence and and Attack 00:00:00
Boxing Fight Plan 00:00:00
Bag Round for fight Conditioning 00:00:00
Ashley Fight round 1 00:00:00
Ashley Fight round 2 00:00:00
Ashley Fight Round 3 00:00:00
Prefight Pad Round to focus Mind 00:00:00
Ben and Jo Off the Fence Sparring drill 1 00:00:00
Ben and Jo Sparring off the fence 2 00:00:00
Ben and Jo Sparring off the fence 3 00:00:00
Ben and Jo Sparring off the fence 4 00:00:00
Ben and Jo Boxing Sparring 00:00:00
Jo Fight 14 sec KO 2017 00:00:00
Alan and Warwick Grind Sparring 00:00:00
Ben and Warwick Grind Sparring round 2 00:00:00
Alan and Josh Sparring 00:00:00
Josh MMA fight KO win 00:00:00
Alan and Ben Line Sparring 00:00:00
Ben Boxing Fight TKO win 00:00:00
Phil Boxing Fight TKO win 00:00:00

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  1. Big Five Stars


    A “must do” for everyone!
    Alan Orr SiFu raises the standards for anyone who wants to really know how to apply, but also to emerge victorious from any situation.
    Practice hard, keep training, and “if you’re going through hell, keep going”!
    Thank you, Alan Orr SiFu!

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