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Live Chi Sao Controlled Pressure Testing

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In this clip Sean and I are showing how we pressure test skill levels with Chi Sao while still in live flow. The idea is to work fast and with pressure to see how quickly one can react and solve the problems given. The control and safety are still in place as always. You can still pressure without anybody getting hurt. It just takes higher level skills, which some people don’t always see. After this training one can watch back and reflect on what they missed or didn’t see or feel in time. Then they can drill that or practice it and try to be more ready for that next time. As the training is always live, next time may be different problems to face, but within this process it is the fast problem solving you are improving, not just the applications. It is more of how we strengthen the mental will to solve and survive and therefore thrive under pressure.


27 July, 2022

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