Wing Chun vs Western Boxing the Difference

Hi Guys

This was a clip will filmed while sparring with my Iron Wolves fight Team for coming fights.

Its Spring in Tauranga and Spring can be windy in New Zealand.  So this clip is a bit noisy but packed with good information for you.

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  1. Evan W says:

    Hi Sifu Orr,

    I was wondering about sticking with hands in a live fight or sparring. I notice sometimes you will stick with your partners hands and follow them into the body/head for a strike and other times you allow the partners hand to retreat into a guard position somewhat unobstructed.

    Is this just a sensitivity thing, where you can tell based on your partners balance and force when to follow the hand vs when to retreat to a guard position?

    Sorry if the question is unclear. Just trying to determine when you should return your hands to a guard position vs. maintaining contact with the partners arms/hands.

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