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The Body Structure Blueprint and Six Core Elements

I have had a lot of people asking me what is in my Structure Blueprint Set

So this is a basic list of some of the areas is covered.

What you will learn

• Introduction to what is and is not Body Structure
• What is not good Structure?
• Review of types of Structure
• Basic incorrect ideas on Structure and Force Flow
• What will it give you?
• Structure Positions – Tan, Fuk, Biu basic test of positions
• Kicking structure Punching Structure
• Basic stance Static position testing
• Basic stance dynamic tests position structure
• CSL Wing Chun Kuen and 1840 Yik Kam Connection
• Stances tested
• The structure of Low CoG arts
• The structure of High CoG arts
• Key 6 Core Elements of Body Structure
• Incorrect Triangles for the Lower Body
• Incorrect Triangles for Upper Body
• How to use correct use of Triangles for Lower Body
• How to use Correct use of Triangles for Upper Body
• Bad use of vectors
• How to have Good Vectors in Body Structure
• How to have Weight control in Body Structure
• Structural Testing
• Synchronize with body, Synchronize with breath, Synchronize with qi
• How to Load Weight Correctly
• Using Muscles Correctly
• Levels of Structure:
• Static Structure vs. Dynamic Structure
• Advanced -Force Flow Introduction – 6 Core Elements
• Momentum Introduction
• Six Core Elements of Development
• Intro Snake Engine
• Spiral Power
• Body/ Mind/ Breath / Qi
• Body: Loose & expand, allow natural flow of Qi & Xue
• Incorrect Bracing vs. Issue
• CoG projection
• CoG Control
• 7 Bows
• Spine Bow
• Pulsing
• Pulse Power Generation
• Advance Momentum
• Intro Path of Force
• Force Flow and Momentum Advanced Skill
• Action force (Yin Lik)
• Force flow to the ground.
• Reaction force (Yang Lik)
• Bouncing Ball Test
• Type of Force Flow – Direct type / Spiral type.
• Linking and Delinking
• Breaking down Kinetic Chains
• Mental Methods

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26 April, 2015

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  1. Where do I find this videos? Of your structures

  2. Hello is your teaching in the lineage of hendrik santo?

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