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Solo Structure Drill

Solo structure drill by Wayne Morrison

The root of good Wing Chun (or any fighting art really) is in ones ability to have a strong foundation from which to receive and issue force.

Many structural test drills require a training partner but here is one that you can do by yourself. I like to use this as part of my warm up when doing bag work.

  1. Take a neutral stance on a Bosu board about 5-6 feet from a trampoline.
  2. Take hold of medicine ball using both hands. And throw keeping elbows low at the trampoline.
  3. On return catch the medicine ball, taking the pressure through your kinetic chain of the the 7 bows.
  4. Make sure your bring your hips forward to meet the force and sink when catching.
  5. Once you have have the hang of issuing and receiving you can play with different sequencing and issuing.

Understanding body mechanics and true body structure as taught to me by my Sifu Alan Orr revolutionised my training. For a more detailed explanation drop me a DM or book a training session.


23 March, 2020

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  1. how much mass does the ball have?

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