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New Facebook Mentor Private Group Page

Hi Guys

Wow its been a busy month! My Mentor Program is growing fast and my first 4 Courses are up and running.

Next up is my Second Form Course and Chi Sao Course.They will be ready in next few weeks!

It has been so exciting talking to new students from all around the world. I’m so happy with the feedback. Everyone is blow away by the detail and depth of the courses.

The online platform is working really well. I’m able to add extra lessons to courses and soon even extra whole modules as well! So the course will continue to grow and you will have access to even more that you started with.

I  have just set up a new Private Mentor Program Facebook group page. So if your on the program you can join and chat to others on the program as well have quick access to me. Also the plan is you can post your own private training videos for me to check and share your feedback with you new group, in order to help each other group.

My best



3 April, 2015

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  1. Excellent . Thank you, Sifu .

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