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Aaron Baum CSL Wing Chun UK Head – Live training development series

Hi Guys

This is a series of videos from my student Aaron Baum.

Aaron is now Head of CSL Wing Chun UK and a higher experienced teacher and excellent coach with a depth of experience.

These videos are live training across different areas of focus: clinch flow and strikes, kicking, chi sau, working under honest pressure, upgrading the 6 Core Element software without damaging the hardware…feeding, resisting, learning and enjoying the grind…subduing, dissolving, floating, controlling, swallowing across all the areas of focus…a common thread through out all, leads to internalising the engine and system, so you can only move the correct way under actual pressure



Chi Sao Video


Close body flow sparring with short body strike



Close body flow sparring



Kicking flow sparring





14 December, 2020

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  1. thank you Sifu…any questions ask away all…we have a wealth of experience the group so lets learn and spread the knowledge amongst us..keep well…oss

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