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How we learn Wing Chun Chi Sao under pressure

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I often have people asking me about learning Chi Sao and some asking me why I pressure my guys so much. Also some have said I over pressure my guys, but in fact that is far from what is happening. In this clip I show some of the layers in teaching Chi Sao while rolling with pressure. It is very important to learn Chi Sao in different ways. Learning slowly is when you are learning how to roll or new applications. But once you have reached the level of understanding these basics, you must then learn to deal with pressure and train in a live manner. Plus it is very important to learn to release power and have control. When I roll with my guys they can feel the power but it is with control. The is an awareness that the application would hurt if increase an inch, but they know its controlled. This allows them to deal with some pressure stress, but also identify when they are in trouble. Which in turn builds a need to learn who to deal with pressure under stress.



20 September, 2021

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