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Robert Chu | Wing Chun, Chinese Medicine, Modern Culture | Ep.8 | Transformations Podcast

Hi Guys

This is an excellent interview from Guro Mark Wiley with my teacher Robert Chu Sifu.

Robert Chu, PhD, L.Ac., QME began the study of the Chinese martial and healing arts in his youth. He specializes in the Master Tung and Optimal Acupuncture which treats pain, internal medicine, and women’s health. A renowned lecturer, he has taught Acupuncture and Chinese throughout Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia. He specializes in the Wing Chun Kuen systems as taught by Hawkins Cheung and Kwan Jong-Yuen. He is the co-author of Complete Wing Chun, and author of numerous books on Master Tung’s Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Our discussion we touched on his upbringing in New York City, early studies of Okinawan karate and Hung-Ga kung-fu and his lifetime pursuit of Wing Chun. Additionally, we discussed acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, qigong, and his philosophy of life.

0:00 Introduction 1:03 Schooling in New York, Shorin-ryu karate. 5:15 Chinese martial arts, Hung-ga kung-fu. 10:16 Seven Star Mantis, Bak Mei, Hsing-i 11:25 Fei Lun Fu Gwun – Flying Dragon Tiger Staff 14:18 Passion for Wing Chun, Kwan Jong-Yuen, Hawkins Cheung, Ip Man 22:37 Yuen Kay-San and Gu Lao Wing Chun 28:03 Ip Man, slant body vs straight body Bruce Lee, Hawkins Cheung, Duncan Leung, William Cheung, Wong Shung Leung, 31:42 Forms vs. application training, Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do, Joe Lewis 37:44 Mook Yan Jong, Is wooden dummy training, Siu Nim Tao, White Crane 43:35 Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Formulas, Licensing Issues 47:40 Appropriating TCM in western wellness practices 48:36 Qigong, Meditative State, energetic practice, Yellow Emperor’s Classic, Types of Chinese doctors 55:25 TCM in USA vs. China 58:44

24 July, 2023

2 responses on "Robert Chu | Wing Chun, Chinese Medicine, Modern Culture | Ep.8 | Transformations Podcast"

  1. Excellent episode. A lot of great information on martial arts and Chinese medicine. Would like to see more episodes with Robert Chu.

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