Wing Chun Iron Wolves Boxing Fights NOV 2017

Hi Guys

Three our Iron Wolves went to battle. We came out 2-1 with all the fights being TKO’s Our fights did a great job with some very tough opponents. Phillip lead the charge with a great second round TKO. Really showed his focus and skill set! A man of steel! Dave put on a great fight! Super proud as he had a solid first round and bounced back after being tagged and came out balls to the wall in second but got caught while putting his guy on the back leg. So he went out of his shield like the warrior he is. Very good first ever battle. Ben won against a very tough opponent that came on very strong in the first round. They banged heads in the second and Ben got a cut. They will going to stop the fight but we asked for the last round to go ahead. They let Ben go and he blasted away and TKO’d his opponent with seconds to go. Both of these guys put on a great fight for the crowd! Big respect to all the fighters


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