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Thailand Training Camp 2015 Force Flow Drills

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  1. Chris Bougeard says:

    I’m sick of wsl/Kwok etc people looking at our clips and saying “yeah we do that “…

  2. Michael Bark says:

    Excellent, Sifu. I’m going to be working with this as soon as I get the guys together.

    Really looking forward to working with the ‘Blueprint’ lessons.

  3. Ed Martin says:

    The delinking looks great?

  4. Rob Allison says:

    Ha ha very good. Got to laugh Sifu – how much information can you pack into a 10 or 12 minute clip…!? Excellent, thanks for sharing.

  5. Steve M says:

    Excellent stuff

  6. Daniel Tschirky says:

    Dear Sifu. I was trying to use some force flow in my last chi sao session thursday. Was so surprised how good it was working. Storing and return the immense pressure from the big guys feels much easier now. No back pain like before. Really a new tool for me ! Thank you.

  7. Dan Gallucci says:

    HI Sifu,
    I love the explanation of not being able to use just one static position ie holding a position that only relates to downward force.
    I think I saw the same video you are talking about recently.
    It is great to understand the term “snake energy” with lots of micro movements and re-adjustments.
    Enjoying all the videos.
    Thank you for taking me on board, It is great to part of the team.

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