Thailand Ko Samui Training Camp Feb 2018

Hi Guys

Just got back from my Yearly Thailand Training Camping!

I just want to thank Reto for all his hard work arranging so much and helping everyone on the camp. Also a big thank you to all the students that came and made the camp such a great time.

We had guys and girls from Switzerland, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Reunion, France, Russia, Finland, USA and Australia!

We are very lucky as my co host Reto Sprecher speaks 7 languages!  So no excuses to not come!

This year we covered so much! We looked at the progression of the forms in application and combat. We broke down Chi Sao progression. Improved striking skills. Taught the dynamic structure and force flow structural.  A few master classes on Chi Sao and punching.  Glove training was a lot of fun. We taught excellent timing drills and range control. Kicking skills and close body control and much much more.

This is years was so cool, as we had my great friend and student Peter Irving at the Camp. We arranged Peter to have a bout in Thailand. So at the end of the second training week Peter fought full Thai rules. Five 3 minute rounds. He won the fight! A great achievement indeed!

Also top K1 and MMA coach Eddy Millis came with some of his guys on their Thailand Tour. Eddy helped me get Peter ready and cornered the fight with me. Eddy was one of my first BJJ and wrestling coaches as well as the man that helped me get our Iron Wolves Team ready 15 years ago.

So trained 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Giving people lots of time to enjoy Thailand in between the camp training times. Lots of fun dinners after training!

Next years camp will be 18th Feb to 3rd March 2 weeks of Wing Chun and MMA skills.  So message me asap to book your place as I think the next camp will be a sell out!

Also we will have guess teachers at the camp! Peter Irving has confirmed that he will teach as next years camp!

My best


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