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The best Woman Wing Chun Fighter?

This is a normal clip of Chi Sao / Gor Sao sparring I am training with my student Ale. She is 65kg and a Purple Belt in BJJ National Champion […]

Wing Chun Questions 31 – Chi Sao Connection to Wrestling

In this clip I explain how good Chi Sao training can help wrestling and how wrestling skills and Chi Sao skills are very much interchangeable.    

Wing Chun Questions 32 – Defending the Hook Punch" href="">

Wing Chun Questions 32 – Defending the Hook Punch"> Wing Chun Questions 32 – Defending the Hook Punch

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Wing Chun Questions 33 – Basic Chin Na Breaking Grips

In this clip I show a few ways to break grips and control grips using the CSL Body structure. You can not break a strong grip my just using your […]

Wing Chun Chi Sao to Gor Sao 2014 Oct Sparring

This is just a normal training session. Its not a demo, it is normal controlled live Chi Sao to Gor Sao sparring. The opponents are allowed to apply anything that […]

Bruce Lee One Inch Punch Explained

In this clip I talk about and show Inch punch power and who it is produced and used. I explain the famous Bruce Lee Inch punch and different ways to […]

Wing Chun Chi Sao Competition Rules

These are the International Chi Sao – Gor Sao Comp Rules I developed. • Start in Chi Sao Roll Position – Referee starts the round after 3 rolls • Full […]