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Wing Chun Question 2 – Basic Centre Line and Bosu Balance Drill

This is from 2011. Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun is focused on Body Structure, which means control of balance, timing and angles of attack are very important too us. So […]

Wing Chun Questions 1 – It doesn’t look like Wing Chun

Filmed 2011 This is my first Q&A clip. Chu Sai Lei Wing Chun is different to most styles of Wing Chun. We focus on being very functional in our training […]


Wing Chun – Structure or no Structure that is the question!

My teacher Robert Chu after years of training and research developed some basic tests to see if one had an understanding and ability to control pressure with the frame of Wing Chun’s stance. This is very important to be able to control ones balance and use of power. Since that time the Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun system has developed its whole approach to teaching based on the key principles of structural base.