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Robert Chu

Check out my Sifu Robert Chu on the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.

On Chi Sao

In Wing Chun we have a unique method of training our awareness skills called ‘Chi Sao’, often known as ‘Sticking Hands’. This name, however, does not really do justice to what is a unique method of developing not only tactile skills but also a complex mental awareness and understanding of timing, space, distance, pressure and so on. I say complex as at first it is, but once learnt and trained it then becomes a part of your normal thinking and seems to be just your body’s common sense.

More Fight Team Wins!

This week we had two fighters matched , one in MMA the other in K1 rules kickboxing. Aiden Todd comes from a Boxing background and his striking has always been strong, plus Josh Crowther fought in his second K1 rules bout after knocking his opponent out in his first fight.

Iron Wolves In Action

Iron Wolves In Action

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun teacher Alan Orr’s student Josh Kaldani lands a knockdown in the first round and the best Wing Chun punch KO in MMA in the second round. The Iron Wolves Team is lead by Alan Orr and has for many years been putting CSL Wing Chun to test in the Cage and Ring.

Ego – Friend or Foe?

Martial Arts training is just one vehicle to take us on our journeywhere we learn about who we are and who we want to be. It is within these paths of continued learning that we start to see our patterns and then we start to challenge ourselves to grow. In the beginning most of us want to learn to fight or defend ourselves from what we feel threatens us. But what is that? Is it really the idea of being attacked by another person or is it deeper that that?

Maximizing Your Wing Chun Kuen Power

In this article I wish to present to you some methods of maximizing your power by using proper Chu Sau Lei Body Structure methods. I remember reading one of Matt Furey’s articles which was titled something like ‘What if everything you knew about grappling was wrong?’ At the time it caused quite a stir as he was promoting catch wrestling and many people had never seen the ideas he was presenting.

Wing Chun Boxing – The Lost Art! Part 1

Wing Chun is a Chinese Boxing system. But it would seem that many branches have moved away from the heart of the art. It is often said the problem is the solution. So let’s look at the problem! What we see a lot of today is Chi Sao becoming the main training of Wing Chun. Now I am not saying Chi Sao is not important – we will cover Chi Sao in more articles as it is very important and integral to Wing Chun’s deeper skills. But many times now I have seen that a lot of clubs only train set applications and Chi Sao. Is that enough?