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This is Part two of the Wing Chun Classical Kuen Lei. The maxims of Wing Chun that point out the core Principles of the style. In this Course the meaning each maxim is explained.

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  • Wing Chun Sam Jiu, Tan,Bong,Fuk Unlimited
  • Hei Gerk Yau Seung Ma Unlimited
  • Kiu Lai Kiu Sang Gor Unlimited
  • Ma Lai Ma Fat Biu Unlimited
  • Ne But Dong, Wo But Dong; Ne Dong, Wo Dong Sien Unlimited
  • Wing Chun Kuen Gong Yung, Mo Gong Wah Unlimited
  • Ji Gei Ji Bei, Bok Jin Bok Sing Unlimited
  • Muk Yan Jong Lien Ging Lik Gung Unlimited
  • Pak Sao Ge Noi Mun Unlimited
  • Chor Bong Hei Gerk Unlimited
  • Gong Sao Mo Gong Ching Sao Unlimited
  • Oi Mum Chuie Da Ha, Noi Mun Chuie Da Seung Unlimited
  • Cho Hoc Mo Yung Lik Unlimited
  • Hoc Mo Mo Gong Sien Hou, Tat Jie Wai Sien Unlimited
  • Yung Gerk Jang Wu Dui Unlimited
  • Kwun Sao Bien Bo Pai Jeung Unlimited
  • Lik Chong Gerk Jang Sang Unlimited
  • Lien Kuen But Lien Gung, Dao Lao Yat Cheung Hung Unlimited
  • Chum Sen, Mo Chum Sao Unlimited
  • Sam Jiu Yat Chai Dao Unlimited
  • Jung Sien Dui Ying Unlimited
  • An Tai Sum Hou Unlimited
  • Sen Dai Sao, Sao Dai Sen Unlimited
  • Tai Fong Tou Liu, Mo Ying Por Jung Unlimited
  • Chiu Mien Juie Ying, Sam Jiu Chai Dao Unlimited
  • Sen Gen Sao Juen, Yiu Ma Chai Dong Unlimited
  • Bo Gun Sen Juen Yee Mao Unlimited
  • Ging Chong Gwut Gun Faat, Lik Chong Gerk Jang Sheng Unlimited
  • Yum Yeung Hui Sut Yau Fen Ching Cho Unlimited

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  1. Principles to embody

    It is difficult to put into words the joy I feel when reflecting on these “fist principles” but it stems from the trained understanding of their meaning.

    There is great satisfaction in being able to at least partially embody these Kuen Lei, all the while knowing that greater potential still lies ahead.

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