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This is Part one of the Wing Chun Classical Kuen Lei. The maxims of Wing Chun that point out the core Principles of the style. In this Course the meaning each maxim is explained.

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  • Wing Chun Classical Kuen Lei Introduction Unlimited
  • Kuen Yau Sum Faat Unlimited
  • Gerk Mo Hui Faat Unlimited
  • Sao Lou Jung Sien Unlimited
  • Da Sao Jick Sia Sao Unlimited
  • Yau Ying Da Ying, Mo Ying Da Yieng Unlimited
  • Gwun Mo Leung Heung Unlimited
  • Dao Mo Cern Faat Unlimited
  • Kuen Mo Lei Yeung Unlimited
  • Ying Da Juk Da Unlimited
  • But Ying Da, But Da Unlimited
  • Pa Da Jung Bei Da Unlimited
  • Mo Keung Da Unlimited
  • Mo Luen Da Unlimited
  • Yau Kiu Gor Kiu Unlimited
  • Mo Kiu Jee Jou Kiu Unlimited
  • Lai Lou Hui Soong, Lut Sao Jik Chung Unlimited
  • Sao Gerk Seung Siu, Mo Jit Jiu Unlimited
  • Yun Hang Gung, Wo Hang Yin Unlimited
  • Chi Sao Mo Lien Fa Sik Unlimited
  • Chi Gerk Tek Jong Gerk Unlimited
  • Chut Kuen Mo Fan Lai Unlimited
  • Noi Lien Yat Ho Hei Unlimited
  • Oi Lien Jing Gwut Gun Unlimited
  • Siu Nim Tao Lien Yiu Sen Ma Unlimited
  • Chum Kiu Lien Bik Bo Kiu Sao Unlimited
  • Biu Jee Lien Gou Gup Sao Unlimited
  • Lien Siu Dai Da Unlimited
  • Duen Kiu,Tib Sen, Che Lun Ma Unlimited
  • Bo Lai Tou, ToFu Sen, Tiet Kiu Unlimited

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  1. Adding depth


    Understanding and internalising our Kuen Lei (Fist Principles) adds nothing but depth to our practice.

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