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DVD Contents: • Real ‘Old School’ punching secrets • Developing power through correct body structure • How to take structural control of your opponent • …

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DVD Contents: • Real 'Old School' punching secrets • Developing power through correct body structure • How to take structural control of your opponent • How to make your NHB punching really work! • The correct footwork and positioning for real power • Power punching toolbox - sets of punches for power and penetration • Controlling skill development • How to make your kicking devastating • Defense for medium range attacks • Takedown control and defense • Pad training for medium range with live structure testing

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  • Extreme Old School Boxing 1 00:00:00

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  1. 5

    Fantastic foundational course. Covering the mechanical aspects of striking and correct posture, it is a needed piece of knowledge for any martial arts training.

    1. Happy you liked it

  2. 5

    One of the foundational courses which started it all, and still a goldmine.

    1. Thank you Michael

  3. Ahead of its time


    Considering this was filmed 14 years ago as its currently 2020, the information in this first tape is cutting edge and useful for showing the practical use of good body structure and principles for Wing Chun/Self defence or MMA and highlighting potential errors of common stand up fighting systems as a comparison

  4. How to use your Billy Clubs!


    This is a great video. I don’t want to give away all of its secrets, but I think the biggest take away for me was how to use your billy clubs–your forearms to do all kinds of things in an NHB or MMA match. Your forearms can be used to SMASH through an opponents guard en route to then smashing their fact in one fluid, continuous motion. OR your forearms can be used to post, to measure, to turn, to bone “slave” (as in the sense of gears), to manipulate, and to unbalance and ultimately thwart your opponent in myriad ways. The old school boxing stance lets you get maximum use of your billy clubs while keeping you spleen and liver protected (a liver or spleen knockout is infinitely more painful than a concussion most of the time) and while keeping your fists cocked and loaded with power that comes more from your lats than from your deltoids with strikes that retract in a way that leaves you less vulnerable to body shot counters and takedown counters. Good stuff. Some technical difficulties for about 2 minutes but whatevs. A++ for anyone interested in MMA, UFC, Boxing or especially BKFC.

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