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This is an introduction to how to start using the Wooden Dummy as a training tool.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to using the Wooden Dummy 00:00:00
Punching with Bridge Control 00:00:00
Bridge Distance Control 00:00:00
Shoulder Bow Linking and Delinking 00:00:00
Correct Hand Positioning 00:00:00
Range Awareness when Kicking 00:00:00

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  1. Body Structure Blueprint BONUS Using the Wooden Dummy - Very Informative


    I think that the Body Structure Blueprint BONUS Using the Wooden Dummy is one of the better courses for explaining s how CSL works. Coming from another Wing Chun System I am still trying to get my head around what makes CSL method so effective – or how it works. There are many gems in this particular section of the course. For instance the explanation of the tan sau and the correct distance of the tan sau. The concept of softness as not being floppy but rather that your techniques are not creating tension within your own body. Formerly I have been taught to direct your techniques into the centre of the jong, Alan emphasises that the postion of the self in relation to the jong is more important. Writing this now – I realise that I am gonna have to watch it over again. Thank Alan.

  2. Highly Informative!


    There’s a lot of good information packed in these short videos!

  3. Blue print Bonus using the Wooden Dummy


    A very good course on the introduction to using wing chun on the Wooden Dummy, I learned about being aware of keeping the shoulder relaxed at all times to avoid the reaction force from the Dummy coming back into the shoulder, also being in the correct range for punches, hand techniques and Kicks.

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