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This course is an advanced breakdown of the Internal Development of the forms of WC. This course is not based on hearsay or personal opinion.
As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine Alan Orr breaks down the key understanding of how Chinese Medicine explains the Internal Development in Chinese Martial Arts.
Alan’s teacher Dr Robert Chu is also a renowned practitioner and teacher of Chinese Medicine. So now you have a chance to learn the deeper layers of the art with clear instruction

In this module the core introduction to the understanding of the Forms and Internal Development is covered. Plus the importance of numbers within the structure design of WC. The method of correct Qi development and Chinese Medicine protocols to avoid problems and to gain maximum gains and much more.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Qi Development 00:00:00
The Structural Dynamics of Qi Development 00:00:00
Qi Development Explained 00:00:00
Transformation of Qi 00:00:00
Transportation of Qi 00:00:00
Holding Qi 00:00:00
Protecting Qi 00:00:00
Raising Qi 00:00:00
Warming Qi 00:00:00
The 3 Keys to Qi Development 00:00:00
Yin and Yang 00:00:00
Introduction to the Number 3 00:00:00
The number 9 00:00:00
3 6 9 00:00:00
108 00:00:00
Pathology of Qi 00:00:00
Qi Deficient 00:00:00
Qi Rebellious 00:00:00
Qi Sinking 00:00:00
Qi Stagnation 00:00:00
External Environment Cautions 00:00:00
Caution Liver Fire Rising 00:00:00
The balance of the 3 forms in Wing Chun 00:00:00
Qi Jing Shen 00:00:00
Key Energy Balance between the 3 forms 00:00:00
Meditation 00:00:00
3 Areas important for Internal to be used in Combat 00:00:00
The roll of Muscles 00:00:00
The roll of Fascia 00:00:00
The roll of Song 00:00:00
Does Weight Training stop your Internal Development 00:00:00
Weight training for martial arts explained 00:00:00

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  1. A Great Internal Primer


    In this series of short lessons, Sifu Alan Orr really helps lay a foundation for the subsequent courses in his ‘internal’ series.

    The topic range is quite ample, and it really encourages the learner to delve in a deeper through further study.

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