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This course is based on the footwork patterns used when skipping. But without the rope.
It helps improve footwork position, pattern changes, momentum control, dynamic force flow return, decision making whilst in motion and cardio and leg strengthening improvements.

Developed and taught by Aaron Baum Sifu

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Course Currilcum

  • Introduction Montage Unlimited
  • Introduction to Skipping Footwork Unlimited
  • 1a Single Run Unlimited
  • 2a Double Run Unlimited
  • 3a Single Skip Unlimited
  • 4a Double Skip Unlimited
  • 5a Leg Swing Unlimited
  • 6a Knee Skip Unlimited
  • 7a Leg Change Unlimited
  • 8a Pendulum Skip Unlimited
  • 9a Cossack Skip Unlimited
  • 10a Rotating Skip Unlimited
  • 11a Spring Skip Unlimited
  • 1b Single Run Double Run Combo Unlimited
  • 2b Single Run Leg Swing Combo Unlimited
  • 3b Leg Swing Knee Skip Unlimited
  • 4b Spring Step Leg Change Combo Unlimited
  • 5b NSEW Leg Change Combo Unlimited
  • 6b Leg Swing Leg Change Combo Unlimited
  • 7b Spring Skip Heel Touch Knee Skip Combo Unlimited
  • 8b Spring Skip Pendulum Leg Change Combo Unlimited
  • 9b Skip Leg Change Rotation Combo Unlimited
  • 10b Free Flow Unlimited
  • 1c Strikes Introduction Unlimited
  • 2c Leg Swing Strike Unlimited
  • 3c Leg Change Strike Unlimited
  • 4c Rotation Skip Strike Unlimited
  • 5c Spring Skip Strike Unlimited
  • 6c Free Flow Strike Unlimited
  • 7c Shadow Boxing Unlimited
  • Summary Unlimited

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  1. Float like the clouds. Hit like the mountain.

    I love jumping rope. It’s been a staple in my personal training routine since I was a teenager and has brought me countless benefits. So much so, that it now serves as the essential start to every WCK group training session I conduct.

    However, until using the exercises within this course, I could only vaguely connect rope jumping to combat training, with thoughts primarily focused on stamina and agility.

    Aaron Baum Sifu’s teachings have enhanced my approach entirely.

    In his course, Aaron Baum Sifu brilliantly demonstrates how to effectively integrate rope jumping into combat training. His approach is straightforward and repeatable, making it an invaluable tool for any martial artist. Fantastic!

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