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This Course was filmed on Alan’s 2019 Seminar Tour.
The course is training from Alan’s Seminars covering many areas of Chi Sao to Gor Sao.
As it is a seminar course the sound quality may vary but the lessons are very detailed and hold lots of layers of excellent information and insights.

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Course Curriculum

Chi Sao to Gor Sao Bridge Control 00:00:00
Gor Sao range control part 1 00:00:00
Gor Sao range control part 2 00:00:00
Chi Sao to Gor Sao Training 00:00:00
Controlling Structure and Centre 00:00:00
7 Bows and Bypassing the Spine 00:00:00
Underhook Overhook in Wing Chun 00:00:00
Clinch Underhook Overhook Key Points 00:00:00
Using Tan and Fook to Control Chi Sao 00:00:00
Structural timing of hip and elbow control in Chi Sao 00:00:00
Elbow control to Inside Lan Sao Trap 00:00:00
Controlling the Diagonal Lift 00:00:00
Lan Sao to Control the head 00:00:00
Lan Sao Master class in the Clinch 00:00:00
Inside Gan Sao to Head Control 00:00:00
Double Gum Sao Control 00:00:00
Clean the Bridge to Arm Drag 00:00:00
Arm Drag to Takedown 00:00:00
Chi Sao to Gor Sao Live Round 00:00:00

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  1. Highly recommend each module


    These chi-sao to gor-sao modules from the seminar have really helped bring some new perspectives to light for me, especially on diagonal control, hip control, as well as refining the clinch and bridging principles. Highly recommend these modules.

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