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In this module Combination Drills are covered with the timing and extra details needed in order to get the best out of your training

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Course Currilcum

  • Lap Da to Chop Combination Unlimited
  • Lap Da Combination and Layers Unlimited
  • Lap Da Extra Layers Unlimited
  • Uppercut Layers Unlimited
  • Uppercut to Chop Drill Unlimited
  • Bong to Lap Details Unlimited
  • Bong Lap Layers and Combinations Unlimited
  • Bong Lap 3 Strike Combination Unlimited
  • Leaking Bong Lap Details Unlimited
  • Bong Da to Corkscrew Uppercut Unlimited
  • Jut Da Drill Unlimited
  • Jum Da Drill layers Unlimited
  • Jum Da to Chop Drill Unlimited
  • Gan Da Combination Layers and Details Unlimited

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  1. Details

    so many details to add layers of skill..great course thankyou Sifu…you think you know something, then you blow it apart and put it together again with so many extra points of deep knowledge 🙂

  2. Option progression

    A good two courses on combination ideas from the basic partner drills, highlights well the reasoning and possible application ideas for the combinations to progress past the early stage basics and include more timing skills and link/delink as well as mentally being in control of what we are doing

    1. Good to hear Paul, thanks

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