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This course is from the 2023 Seminar Tour. Modules are from Singapore and Brighton Seminars. Teaching Chi Sao to Clinch Control and Takedowns plus striking positioning control.

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Course Currilcum

  • Entry to Shoulder Pinch Unlimited
  • Clinch to front head control Unlimited
  • Chi Sao to Taking the Back Unlimited
  • Chi Sao to Clinch Back Control Position Unlimited
  • Clinch Body Arm Control Unlimited
  • Counter to Hip Control Unlimited
  • Clinch Far Side Elbow Control Unlimited
  • Clinch Back to Short Choke Unlimited
  • Clinch Back take to Short Choke Details Unlimited
  • Clinch to Choke extra details. Unlimited
  • Entry to Lan Sao Control Outside Unlimited
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