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This course is from the 2023 Seminar Tour. Modules are from Singapore and Brighton Seminars. Teaching Chi Sao to Clinch Control and Takedowns plus striking positioning control.

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Course Currilcum

  • Clinch Entries from Chi Sao Unlimited
  • Entry to Head Control Unlimited
  • Entry to clinch Pressing Throw Unlimited
  • Entry into Head control and Neck Control Unlimited
  • Inside Head Neck control to Snap down Unlimited
  • Clinch Head Control Unlimited
  • Clinch Body Wrap Unlimited
  • Clinch Body Wrap Takedown Unlimited
  • Clinch Wrap to Hip Toss Unlimited

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  1. Albert Wangsawijaya10 October, 2023 at 2:43 am

    Being there in the Seminar makes a big difference


    This is a great course on clinch position and control from Chi Sao position. There are so many details to learn and of course, being there at the seminar makes a big difference. Having the videos available for review really helps me to re watch, re learn, and to be able to see things that maybe I miss seeing at the seminar. Overall, Thanks Sifu for teaching us the wonderful CSL Wing Chun system.

    1. Very welcome brother

  2. Fresh Technique and classic fundamental concepts


    This was a very, very helpful seminar course, really drilling in the principles of body control, using the anatomical handles, diagonal pressure and then layering in technique with attackers reactions. Highly recommend studying these courses.

    1. Thank you !

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