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This is the first module in the CSL Gu Lao Major Points.

This whole course has a breakdown of the Major Points.

The Partner applications will also be added to this course in the next month or so.

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Course Curriculum

CSL Gu Lao Major Points Introduction 00:00:00
Understanding Gu Lao Slant Body Principles 00:00:00
Ji Ng Choi Meridian Punch 00:00:00
Duen Kiu Short Bridge 00:00:00
Saam Bai Fut 3 Prayers to Buddha 00:00:00
Dang Jeung Hammering Palm 00:00:00
Ping Lan Sau Level Obstructing Hand 00:00:00
Sae Mun 4 Gates 00:00:00
Fu Mei Tiger Tail 00:00:00
Ba Gua Lung Na 8 Directions Dragon Grab 00:00:00
Luie Kiu Inside Bridge 00:00:00
Chong Jeung Thrusting Palm 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Great course on the Gu Lao System


    This is a great course on the Gu Lao System. It is explained in detail and very important for understanding the body mechanic on the Gu Lao System

  2. Even better understanding


    Starting to learn the Gu Lao system this past while has increased my proficiency and understanding of wing chun as a whole, without a single doubt. I think I can see what he means when he mentions that this would be more suited to someone with knowledge of wing chun already, being a beginner to wing chun as I am, in general, if someone showed me this two/three years ago at the very beginning, it would not be as impactful as it is now for me.

  3. Solid


    Very good course that gives a detailed explanation of the techniques presented.

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