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CSL BJD Course Sections 5-8

CSL Baat Jaam Dao Set By Robert Chu taught by Alan Orr. Sections 5-8 with breakdown of each section

Section 5-8

Biu Dao 4x – Mun Lou Dao – Chit Dao – Saat Dao – Tor Dao 3x – Jum Dao

Yat Ji Dao 4x – Cha Dao – Dan Chit Dao – Saat Dao – Tui Hou Tor Dao 3x –

Jum Dao

Gaun Jaam 4x – Lan Dao – Chiu Dae Dao – Saat – Tui Hou Biu Dao 4x –

Jum Dao

Sup Ji Dao 4x Sup Ji Dao – Chit Dao – Saat Dao – Tui Hou Biu Dao 3x

Jum Dao

Sou Sik

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  1. Powerful form


    This form is powerful, it’s different from any other form I’ve seen. Awesome

  2. A true gold standard level weapons instruction


    Building on the first 4 sets of the knives into the final 4 sets of this version its clear to see the full controlled yet dynamic body structure and fighting mindset come to the forefront in this course. Truly gold standard content

  3. Comprehensive Guide


    Awesome to be able to follow along with the form step by step, section by section. In a former life learning new WC forms could take months. In this format you can learn each section at your own pace. For those of us who struggle to recall a new sequence that has been demonstrated in a live teaching scenario – this online format is high tech revelation. Great stuff – I can’t wait to get into mastering these sections!

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