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CSL BJD Course Sections 1-4

CSL Baat Jaam Dao Set By Robert Chu taught by Alan Orr. Sections 1-4 with breakdown of each section

Baat Jaam Dao Set                By Robert Chu

Taught by Alan Orr

Hoi Jong- Tok – Yau Wang Gerk – Jum Dao

Chit Dao 4x – Jip Dao – Seung Ma Huen Jaam  – Tui Hou Tor Dao 3x Jum Dao

Biu Dao 4x – Yee Ji Dao 4x – Tui Hou Tor Dao 4 X Jum Dao

Gaun Dao 4x – Tan / Jaam Dao 4x – Tui Hou Gaun Dao 4x – Jum Dao



Kwun Dao  4x  – Tan/Wang Chit- Chit Dao – Saat Dao – Tui Tor Dao 3x – Jum Dao


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  1. Powerful form


    This form is powerful. It’s different than any other forms I’ve seen

  2. 5

    These four sets are superb and thanks to the BJD drill courses they are simple for the student to understand.

    Easy to understand – Difficult to master

  3. Power and precision exemplified!!


    Wow! Awesome content of what’s to come down the line. Have more than enough to work on with other areas for now but truly excellent version of the knives that surpasses anything I’ve seen previously 10/10 🙏

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