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This Course was filmed on Alan’s 2019 Seminar Tour.
The course is training from Alan’s Seminars covering many areas of Chi Sao to Gor Sao.
As it is a seminar course the sound quality may vary but the lessons are very detailed and hold lots of layers of excellent information and insights.

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Course Curriculum

Structural Mechanics 00:00:00
Beating Structural positioning 00:00:00
Stance and weight placement control 00:00:00
Bow linking and delinking Solo Drill 00:00:00
7 Bows Long Range Drill 00:00:00
Counting Underhook and understanding range 00:00:00
Application of Bong Sao Flow Drill 00:00:00
Level of attack within the forms used in Chi Sao 00:00:00
Arm Drag details 00:00:00
More Arm Drag details 00:00:00
Lan Sao Control details 00:00:00
Floating Lan to arm wrap Control 00:00:00
Positioning and which Lap Sao to use and when 00:00:00
Correct use of Wu Sao when attacking a Lap Sao based on Range 00:00:00
More on Leaking Lap Sao 00:00:00
Types of Lap Sao attack with Pin ball 00:00:00
Quadrant inside and outside attacks 00:00:00
Sticking Counter Attack 00:00:00
Moulding control to Takedown 00:00:00
Head Control to Submission Finishes 00:00:00
Overhook Details Bong Lan Tok Controls 00:00:00

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