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Chi Sao is a hard skill to master. In this course how to train Chi Sao solo using a punching bag is covered.

This develops self mastery of ones Chi Sao’s skills and great improves skill.

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Course Curriculum

Course Introduction on what this course will teach you and the benefits 00:00:00
Why use a punch bag to practice Chi Sao 00:00:00
Introduction to key Fundamentals 00:00:00
Rolling with a Spring Punch Attack 00:00:00
Rolling to Double Spring Punch 00:00:00
Rolling with a Spring palm Attack 00:00:00
Rolling to double Spring Palm 00:00:00
Rolling to Scooping Palm Attack 00:00:00
Rolling to Lap Da – Chop 00:00:00
Rolling to Lap Da Back fist 00:00:00
Rolling to Lap Da Hanging Punch 00:00:00
Rolling to Lap Da Straight Punch 00:00:00
Rolling to Leaking Lap Da 00:00:00
Rolling to Low Palm Lap Da 00:00:00
Rolling to a Huen To a Running Hand 00:00:00
Rolling to Pak Da 00:00:00
Rolling to Piercing Punch 00:00:00

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  1. Expanding solo practice 100x


    These courses are game changers for solo practicing and learning about the fundamentals of chi sao structure. Masterful and detailed, concise and full of helpful information, all the things we’ve come to love about this platform.

  2. Top Solo Training Tool


    Feels like receiving a new stone for sharpening the sword. Gives me a new perspective to purely focus on the attack in chi sao and beyond. Good to know when and why to start the action.! Another great module.

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