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This course is from the 2023 Seminar Tour. Modules are from Singapore and Brighton Seminars. Teaching Chi Sao to Clinch Control and Takedowns plus striking positioning control.

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Course Currilcum

  • Shoulder Pinch Details Unlimited
  • Shoulder Pinch Reverse side Unlimited
  • More Choke and Head control details Unlimited
  • Head control to Body Seat belt Takedown Unlimited
  • Chin Control Counter Unlimited
  • Live flow Unlimited
  • Using two hand on one Unlimited
  • Ginger Fist Application Unlimited
  • Phoenix Tooth Application Unlimited
  • Chi Sao Entry details for inside attack Unlimited
  • Hidden Guiding skills in Chi Sao Unlimited
  • Hidden Floating skills in Chi Sao Unlimited
  • Hidden Listening and Shocking skills in Chi Sao Unlimited
  • Hidden skill in Drilling Chi Sao Unlimited
  • Counter with flow in Chi Sao Unlimited
  • Goal of Chi Sao Live Demo of skills Unlimited
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