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This course is from the 2023 Seminar Tour. Modules are from Singapore and Brighton Seminars. Teaching Chi Sao to Clinch Control and Takedowns plus striking positioning control.

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Course Currilcum

  • Sticking in the Clinch and Body Position Control Unlimited
  • Details on Redirections and Pressure Unlimited
  • Stretching not Squeezing plus Short Choke Details Unlimited
  • Body Wrap Details Unlimited
  • Inside Lan Sao Drills Unlimited
  • How to Drill Position Flow Controls Unlimited
  • How Wing Chun Causes the Freeze Response in your opponent Unlimited
  • Two on one Cross Arm Grip Control Details Unlimited
  • Two on one Control Details Unlimited
  • Two on one Counter Unlimited
  • Far Side Hip to Near Side Control Positions Unlimited

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  1. Wing Chun & Clinch Fundamentals


    This course presents a base platform for clinch dynamics and their relationship with Wing Chun in a way that is direct and simple. Fundamentals on control, clinch takedowns, body positions and manipulation eg: stretching the fascia for mechanical control and advantage, are in this course in great detail. I learned a tonne in this course!

    1. Thats great to hear!

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