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In this course we cover the art of Bare-Knuckle Boxing. Distance, angles, timing, control and much more.

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Course Currilcum

  • Using Chest to Chest Clinch to Set Up Strikes Unlimited
  • Barring Unlimited
  • Choking Grips to Striking Unlimited
  • Clearing the Head Control Unlimited
  • Clubbing Grips Control Unlimited
  • Grip posistions to Open Body Strikes Unlimited
  • Head Control and Counter Unlimited
  • Inside Bar to Cross Control Hand Grips Unlimited
  • Linking Attack and Defend Unlimited
  • The Secret to True trapping Unlimited
  • Setting up Inside Arm Top Grip Control Unlimited
  • Overhook Control and Underhook Counter with Strikes Unlimited
  • Touch and Hit Drill Unlimited

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  1. Heavy bridges

    Very valuable information here, building on more of the first module and more live student/teacher training and simple yet super effective and powerful drills. Absolutely recommend studying this module again and again, I know I will be!

  2. The application of WCK

    “Let function rule over form and application be your Sifu” is here in spades, the CSL WCK form actions come to life in a live format yet broken down and explained piece by piece, and like stand up jiu jitsu one aspect links or sets up, counters another with body structure and mindset always underlying the training. Very good series of courses

    1. Great feedback Paul thanks

  3. So much!!!

    There is just sooo much knowledge within this second bare-knuckle course that it’s going to take me a good while before I will able to start studying the third!!

    Absolutely love it. And judging from the expressed joy on Alan Orr Sifu’s face during the lessons, so does he!!

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