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Wing Chun Trinity – Event Information

Wing Chun Trinity

The idea of Wing Chun Trinity was formed by Alan Orr to bring all Wing Chun practitioners together in order to develop a stronger community between different styles plus build a platform to shine a light on the skills of Wing Chun. The events are International and held by key instructors of Wing Chun.

The Trinity 

Workshops           Open Exchange         Competition Event



Guess Instructors will teach workshops

Open Exchange

Open mat for general training, rolling, sparring making friends and loving the art.

Competition Event

Via International Chi Sao Competitions with the same rule set. This way the art will have a testing ground which will be consistent world wide.  The format will mean that anyone with Wing Chun Chi Sao skill will be able to test skills and learn from the experience.

Problem – Wing Chun is designed for the street so testing under pressure is hard to do safely.  So either do not test it, which mean a lack of development. Or test it in MMA, which many have but it means one must learn other arts as well. Plus a very high level of fitness is required and the risk of injury is very high.

Solution – Many people will enter a BJJ competition but would not enter MMA.  This is because BJJ competition is much safer and closer to their normally training. Of course BJJ rolling is not a fight it is a sport style which can be used in a fight. BJJ competitions have helped develop many skills within the art. So Wing Chun has it’s own platform – Chi Sao. Yes Chi Sao like BJJ rolling is not a fight but it is a test of our skills and adds value to ones development. Of course Chi Sao as a competition format limits some of one skills. But that is the same for all and the core skills gained are worth the controlled environment.  Much the same as Tai Chi has pushing hands for competition. It is the core values of the art that one is testing. The Chi Sao platform is perfect for testing Wing Chun’s core values. Balance, Positioning Control, Timing and Striking Skills.

Chi Sao Event Rules –

Plus some events will also offer Sanda


The Wing Chun Trinity Global Network

The Wing Chun teachers that will be holding events and are part of the vision of Wing Chun Unity via the Trinity. Teachers from different styles of Wing Chun working together for the future of the art.


Founding Members 

Alan Orr                                       World Wide Director / Adviser

Vik Hothi                                     European Director / Adviser

Peter Irving                                 Head Sanda Director / Adviser

Robert Chu                                 Mentor / Adviser

Jason Malik                                USA Director



Directors of Australia

Bruce Corles                                  East Coast Melbourne

Yacine Bayou                                Melbourne Central

Daniel King                                   West Coast Perth

Dave Richardson                          Brisbane

Scott Smith                                    Northern Sydney

Gregory Englhofer                       Southside Sydney

S Wu                                                Far North Queensland


Director of Crete 

Stelios Klinis

Director of Cyprus 

Akan Huseyin


Director of Germany

Peter Scholz                              Berlin


Director of Hong Kong 

Sergio Pascal Ladarola


Directory of Indonesia

Albert Wamgsawijaya                  Bandung


Director of Italy

Michael Bark and Davide Crevatini


Director of Mexico 

Mateo Schneider                           Mexico City


Director of Netherlands

Sergio Pascal Ladarola


Director of New Zealand

Alan Orr                                        North Island Tauranga

Director of Nigeria

John Okwudiri Anene                Lagos


Director of Portugal 

Silvestre Inacio


Director of Singapore

Steven Wang                                 Singapore Central


Alex Walder


Director of Thailand

Anant Tinaphongs                       Bangkok


Director of UK

Aaron Baum                                  South Coast Brighton UK

UK Region Directors

Vik Hothi                                       Slough UK

Peter Irving                                   North UK Newcastle

Shane Somers                               North East UK

Duane Harper                               North West UK

Mick Watson                                 London Finchley

Shaun Rawcliffe                            West Midlands

David Blackley                               East Midlands

Mick Yates                                      Nottingham

Rick Sworder                                  South Derbyshire

Russell Moorcroft                          Kent / South East

Sai Jun Mak                                     Bournemouth

Director of USA

Jason Malik                                  South/Gulf Coast USA

USA Region Directors

Phillip Redmond                         West Coast USA A

Adam Prato                                  East Coast NYC USA









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