Learn Wing Chun Online


With our Online Training System you can learn wing chun online and have access to first class training in the art of Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Kuen. Under the instruction of world renowned teacher Alan Orr. We have just launched our first unique courses. As the course are on our online platform it means we will be able to add extra content to each course from the questions we receive. So once you have access to a course it will continue to grow and you will have access to updates as part of your course.


Footwork Course
2 Modules comprising of 22 Lessons
BJ Third Form Course with the Six Core Elements
4 Modules comprising of 20 Lessons
CSL Focus Pad Course
3 Modules comprising of 30 Lessons
CSL Wing Chun Training Drills with the Six Core Elements Course
6 Modules comprising of 59 Lessons
Coming Soon
The Architecture of Wing Chun Course
6 Modules comprising of 55 Lessons
This is Course is the next level of the Wing Chun Structure Blueprint. In this course deeper skills are covered to bring your knowledge to new depth.
CSL Wing Chun Punching Bag Work Course
4 Modules comprising of 40 Lessons
Wooden Dummy Drills Course
6 Modules comprising of 85 Lessons
Kettlebell Coach Course
5 Modules comprising of 49 Lessons
In this course you can learn all you need to lift Kettlebells. With this course you can also pay an extra fee to join Alan Orr's coach program for Kettlebell's, where you receive a full training Manual and be able to set up testing for your Certification in Kettlebell Coaching.
Grappling Survival Course for Wing Chun Practitioners
16 Modules comprising of 151 Lessons
Out Now!! This course will teach all you need to know as a Wing Chun practitioner to survive any grappling problem you may face. This is 15 Modules which at $49 each would be $735!!! Buy it now for the best deal you will ever get. Wing Chun Master Alan Orr is also a Black Belt in BJJ under World Champion Leo Negao. So in this course you are learning how you can use your Wing Chun skills in a grappling environment from a teacher that understands both arts. ORDER NOW
CSL Wooden Dummy Form Course
6 Modules comprising of 84 Lessons
This is the CSL Wooden Dummy Form Course The course includes the Form, Breakdown of Principles and Applications
Peter Irving Guard Seminar Master Class
4 Modules comprising of 37 Lessons
Functional Training at 40 Plus
10 Modules comprising of 188 Lessons
This course will be covering Functional Training at 40 plus and much more. The full course will be ready in the next 2 weeks. So right now you can order it for the lowest price. Once the full cost is up then the price will double.
Wing Chun Street Survival Course
5 Modules comprising of 43 Lessons
CSL Chinese Boxing San Da Course
6 Modules comprising of 63 Lessons
Wing Chun Body Structure Blueprint with The 6 Core Elements
6 Modules comprising of 70 Lessons
!!!!!!!!!!FOR A LIMITED TIME THIS COURSE IS ON A SPECIAL PRICE!!!!!!!! This course is your Blueprint of Wing Chun Structure. Everything you need to know in order to understand the real depth of Wing Chun and the 6 Core Elements of the Chinese Martial Arts.
SNT First Form Course with The 6 Core Elements Foundation
4 Modules comprising of 61 Lessons
Wing Chun's first form is a Blueprint of the DNA structure of the art. For the first time you will learn the structural depth of Internal and external works of the art.
Iron Body for Wing Chun Course
3 Modules comprising of 32 Lessons
In this Course we look at how Wing Chun can strengthen the body. Learn how Chinese Martial Arts has all the keys inbuilt to balance the Internal and External aspects of bodies and minds.
CSL Wing Chun Chinese Boxing Course
10 Modules comprising of 105 Lessons
In order to truly master Wing Chun you must be able to use your skills under pressure. This Course is the missing link for most Wing Chun practitioners. Learn all you need to know in order to be able to preform under true Combat Conditions.
CK Second Form Course with the Six Core Elements
5 Modules comprising of 50 Lessons
Now you can learn how to master the engine of Wing Chun.
Chi Sao Structure Blueprint
6 Modules comprising of 70 Lessons
Archive Wing Chun NHB Body Structure Series
7 Modules comprising of 7 Lessons
This is my archive series. The set is FREE if you order any other course! Each of these Modules are whole DVD's